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Post and Dekker lays out the red carpet for Configure-to-Order

Over the years, Post and Dekker has developed a unique and effective approach for its Configure to Order processes. This approach stems from all the knowledge gained and a good dose of practical experience. Today, Post and Dekker is capable of translating complex Engineering to Order work processes in phases into Configure to Order work processes according to its own methodology. The end product remains customer-specific, but the process not anymore. As a result, considerably shorter lead times, faster delivery times, cost price reduction and / or streamlining of processes are achieved.

The Post and Dekker approach from Engineering to Order to Configure to Order focuses on modularizing the product and changing the order creation process. We also call our phased approach "The red carpet of Configure to Order", referring to the worry-free aspect of our service. Consultant Remko de Jong is happy to tell you more about this proven method.

Remko de Jong
By Remko de Jong
on November 13, 2019 in